Roger Blench: Nadel field diaries



During the 1980s I edited the field diaries of Siegfried Nadel (1903-1953) an anthropologist who worked among the Nupe people in Nigeria in the 1930s. Original funding for the project was found by Peter Loizos, then at the LSE. I did my doctoral research among the Nupe 1979-1982 and so was in a good position to edit the diaries. We had hoped to publish the full text in hard copy but this never happened. So I am now making them available for downloading, together with the introductory materials. Obviously they need further work, particularly the incorporation of Nadelís original graphics but I await to see how much interest they excite. Obviously I would like to hear from anyone presently conducting research on any aspect of Nupe culture.

Nadel in 1946

Download Nadel diaries


Lisbeth Nadel recording in the field among the Nupe


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