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This page contains links to all my own field materials on Endangered Languages in Nigeria. The actual data is on other regions of my website, in among material on all types of languages. This page is to help you through to material on minority languages. For a national over view, I suggest you download my Atlas of Nigerian Languages, which gives my most recent information on the status of individual languages. The material is then arranged by language family to make it easier to navigate. I have also created a YouTube page where video appeals by speakers of endangered languages for assistance in developing their language can be seen.


A not uncommon request is for me to fill in forms of metadata for the growing number of online databases. Since there is data for more than a hundred languages, this is not going to happen. Download the pdf and read the introduction which contains the metadata. Link to it, by all means. Be aware that I am constantly revising both data and analyses, and therefore the link should be dynamic. For more recently collected materials there are gigabytes of data with both data and images. Obviously this cannot all be put on this website and I am trying to create digital home for it.










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