The Kambari languages



The Kamuku, following Gunn & Conant (1960) and Rowlands (1962) have conventionally been divided into Acipa and Ucinda. The Acipawa, correctly the Acipu, are linguistically part of the Kambari cluster, and are treated there. The whole Kamuku area consists of a complex of related languages, and the scatter of Kamuku lects seem to relate to the individual hills in the Mariga area which were the homeland of particular subgroups. A recent important study of Kamuku lects has added a great deal to our understanding of these languages but also added many new possible languages, whose exact classification will need to be investigated (Yoder et al. 2008). The following sections try and set out what is known about these, with the rider that this information remains highly provisional.


Figure 1 shows a tentative tree of the Kamuku languages;


Figure 1. The Kamuku languages


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