The Kainji languages



This page is now the gateway to data on the Kainji languages, being surveyed as part of the Kainji languages Project, sponsored by the Kay Williamson Educational Foundation and being written up by Roger Blench and Stuart McGill.


The Kainji languages are spoken in North-western Nigeria with outliers along the Benue. The East Kainji languages are spoken in a small cluster near Jos. They have been previously treated as a primary branching of Kainji, but we no longer believe this to be true. Kainji languages constitute a grouping whose internal structure remains to be determined, but its primary branches are most likely to be the Reshe, Shen and Rop. The Map shows the location of the main branches of Kanji, somewhat schematically represented.

The following table provides links to individual pages set up for each branch and language. This is very much work in progress. We hope to keep updating this as analysis proceeds. Former names are given in this version of the table to assist readers in linking the previous literature with the new terminology being introduced.










Shiroro [=Baushi]



Northwest [=cLela]



East Kainji







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